4 Common Causes of Truck vs Car Accidents

Mental Health Injuries Due to Car or Truck Accident

Semi-trucks and trailers are big, fast, and sometimes extremely dangerous to other vehicles on the road. With the average commercial truck massing more than 25 times that of the average car, a truck vs car collision is bound to cause catastrophic consequences. The sad truth is that in a situation where a semi-truck is operated carelessly, or in error, the other vehicles on the road are often the ones that bear the brunt of negligence. Some of the causes of these crashes are somewhat avoidable while others just occur as a surprise.  Ahead are four of the most common causes of truck vs car accidents. 


Blind Spots

Blind spots are parts of the road, and traffic, that a driver can’t see.  Even though a driver cannot see what’s in their blind spot, the responsibility is upon them to make sure they can move about the roadway safely.  Accidents due not checking blindspots are some of the most common associated with truck v car accidents.


Brake Malfunctions

In many of the cases of a truck vs car accident, the truck’s brakes fail and the driver loses control of the vehicle. This is an example of mechanical error. Other drivers on the road can do little to avoid this type of truck vs car collision. The results of these collisions are often fatal and/or result in life-changing injuries.  Combine the mechanical failure with the high speed of traffic on some roadways and the result can be catastrophic.

Brake malfunctions can be the result of operator error, not following the laws & policies required, negligence, poor maintenance, poor training, or any number of things.  Contacting a car accident attorney that specializes in car accident victim representation is very important if you’ve been in a truck v car accident.


Overloaded Trucks

Overloaded trucks are sometimes easy to spot and yet other times you may not know if the trailer a vehicle is hauling is overloaded.  Trucks hauling overloaded freight are extremely dangerous.  They might be over capacity for the design of the vehicle, and the driver might be beyond their training and rating as well.  To an averaged size passenger vehicle on the road, there’s absolutely no comparison.  And in the case of an accident, it can be terrible for the passenger vehicle.

Overloaded trucks can experience tire blowouts due to excessive pressure. Drivers of such trucks can easily lose control over them when passing a speed breaker or faulty road. When going downhill or in a slope, the speed of such trucks can increase tremendously making them difficult to handle and stop.  Likewise, when going uphill, such trucks need extra horsepower to push them up and if that is not present, it can result in damage to the engine and potential loss of control.

In short, overloaded trucks are extraordinarily dangerous.  They can and do cause accidents.  And the operator or owner of the truck bears responsibility for the safe operation of that vehicle.  If you’ve been in an accident because of an overloaded semi-truck, reach out to us.


Debris Falling from Trucks

Debris usually falls out from dump trucks and trucks whose tops, backs, and or sides are not secured. Falling debris from trucks can result in cracked, chipped, or broken windshields for cars all over the road.   They can also result in truck vs car accident if a sudden response of something flying towards a car triggers the car driver to seek to avoid a potentially deadly piece of debris!

If you’ve been in an accident because of debris flying from a truck, you should reach out to a car accident attorney asap!