5 Instances When You Absolutely Should Talk to an Attorney After a Car Accident

5 Instances When You Absolutely Should Talk to an Attorney After a Car Accident

There are a lot of different reasons why talking to an attorney after a car accident would be in your best personal and financial interest.  A good rule of thumb is, when in doubt, call!  You might be the kind of person that wants to do a bit more reading first, and in that case, we wrote up a list of 5 instances that should always warrant a phone call to a good car accident attorney.  


Injury in a Car Accident

Injury in a Car Accident

When you’re in a car accident there are many ways an injury might result that it’s hard to list them out in any definitive manner.  We did write a great article on the Most Common Injuries Caused by Car and Truck Accidents in 2017, and it if you’ve been in a recent accident, you should read it.  A lot of injuries are not readily apparent at the scene of a car accident.  Some injuries, especially soft tissue injuries, can take time to manifest, for all parties involved.

This means if you have an injury, or even suspect one, you should talk to an attorney.  By consulting with a good car accident attorney, you’ll understand what to look for (injury-wise), and you’ll have a good idea how to respond if other parties start to claim injuries related to the car accident.  A short conversation with a car accident attorney after a car accident can help prepare you for all sorts of medical, financial, and legal issues resulting from it.


Death from a Car Accident 

Death from a Car Accident

Death might be sudden in a car accident, or it might take time to occur as a result of injuries suffered because of the accident. In either case, one of the first things that happens to people when a death has occurred is searching for a cause.  You might be wondering yourself why your car accident occurred, and if someone close to you has died as a result of the car accident, you may not be able to get the answers you need, in a timely fashion.  Accidents are hard to reconstruct when everyone is ok – when there’s been a trauma, like a death, it’s infinitely worse.

Likewise, if there was a death from another party as a result of your car accident, you should also contact a car accident attorney.  Personal Injury & wrongful death claims happen.  And one of the best ways to protect yourself from accusations of wrong-doing, or from accidentally admitting fault (when you yourself don’t have all the details), is to discuss the situation as soon as possible with a car accident attorney.


Other Parties are Involved in the Car Accident

Other Parties are Involved in the Car Accident

Not all car accidents involve other parties.  However, if you’ve been in a car accident and another person or person’s property is involved, you should consider what we’ve already discussed in the sections above.  Injuries can show up even days after a car accident, and a death might occur weeks or even months after the accident.  These can be your injuries or another party’s; either way, consulting with a car accident attorney will help you to understand how best to be prepared for potential issues.  Consulting with a car accident attorney will also help you to understand who is at fault and what the actual impact the injuries (or death) might have on you and your property.  In many cases, this might include financial and medical considerations.


Your Car Accident Occurred In a Construction Area

Your Car Accident Occurred In a Construction Area

Construction work is often necessary, but it can also add a lot of variables to consider.  How well was the area controlled for traffic?  Was the work permitted for the time and location?  Did everyone have the appropriate training to manage a worksite where traffic might be a concern?  These are some of a set of many questions a good car accident attorney will ask you if your car accident occurred in a construction area.

There’s a reason construction work is bonded and insured.  It’s because there is an inherent risk associated with the work.  Add in moving vehicles and the risks magnify in both likelihood and severity.


Inaccurate Police Report After Your Car Accident

This is a common situation that can have long term repercussions.  For instance:

Imagine you’re driving down a country road, hauling a boat behind your truck, and a vehicle approaches from the opposite direction.  The vehicle is partially in your lane and you have to make a split second decision.  Either take your vehicle on to the soft shoulder of the road and potentially lose control of your load, or hit the oncoming vehicle head on (an equivalent of running into a brick wall at 110mph). 

You decide to take the reasonable course of action and try to pull over onto the soft shoulder, though you’re still going ~55mph.  As you do so, you lose control of the boat on the trailer behind you, and it rolls – causing your vehicle to roll too.  Both you and your vehicle are now rolled onto their sides, on the side of the road.  But the other driver never stopped.

About 30 seconds later, another car stops, they were about half a mile behind the vehicle that just cause you to run off the road.  They assist you out of your vehicle and you call the police.  They drive away and a state patrolman shows up to assist.  

The officer gets your statement, and contact info for the people who assisted you.  A tow truck shows up, and you’re eventually able to get home.  Five days later you get the police report..

“vehicle ran off the road into soft gravel shoulder and rolled”

^no mention of oncoming vehicle running you off the road.  And no contact with the witnesses you provided.

This situation can happen to anyone, and is only one example of how even when provided information a police report can be inaccurate.  Now, the driver is going to have to fight with their insurance company over a “phantom vehicle.”  And the insurance company is going to be reliant on an inaccurate police report.

A very possible situation like this can be devastating financially for you.  Your insurance may not pay for some or all of the accident.  They may deny you future coverage.  You might have injuries resulting from this.  And so on…

We wrote a whole article on what you should do Step by Step, after a Car Accident, just because of situations like this.  It’s a good idea to review that article when you get a chance.  But it’s also a great idea to consult a car accident attorney if you suspect or know that a police report is inaccurate at the scene of an accident.