5 Great Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

5 Great Questions to Ask a Car Accident Lawyer

If you have been in a car accident, you might be considering talking to a car accident lawyer. We covered several reasons why you would want to speak to a car accident lawyer in this previous article, and we thought it might be helpful to share with you a set of great questions you can ask when checking around for the attorney you want to represent you.

Do You Have Experience With My Injuries

This question is something that can help you immediately recognize whether the car accident lawyer you are talking to understands the impacts the car crash has had in your life. Though, simply because an attorney does not have direct experience with your particular injuries is not necessarily a reason to discount them from being your representative.

While they may not have experience with your particular injury, how they answer the question, how honest they are, and how much they seek to understand what they do not already know will tell you a great deal about how they will approach your potential personal injury or property damage claim.


How Often Do You Pursue Car Accident Cases?

Much the same as the question before this one, this query is all about probing to see how the car accident lawyer responds. Are they being honest with you about their experience pursuing cases like yours?

Ideally, you want to work with a firm that has a lot of experience in car accident cases. A firm that writes on the topic is willing and even enthusiastic to educate you on the issue, and a firm that is fully responsive to all the questions you have regarding your car accident.


What Is the Extent of Your Car Accident Legal Services?

You likely do not have much experience working through the various aspects of a car accident claim. That is entirely reasonable; you are not a professional at getting in accidents after all!

After a car accident, there are lots of places a car accident attorney could be helpful, including negotiating with insurance, communicating with other parties, pursuing treatment and damages on your behalf, even coordinating with law enforcement. So, while you might be talking to an attorney about personal injuries or property damage related to your car accident, you might want to ask about other support for the constellation of challenges that usually come from a crash.


How Are Your Fees Structured?

Many people hesitate to reach out to attorneys because of the price concern. It is a common perception that the wealthy can afford lawyers, the rest of us just have to get by without one. This belief is not the case, and there are several ways that a law firm might structure their fees. Our advice, do not let your speculation on the answer to this question stop you from asking it in the first place!

Another piece of advice along this line of thinking, ask what, if any, out of pocket costs for which you might be responsible.


What is a Typical Settlement Range for Car Accident Cases Similar to Mine?

This question is something you are curious about, though you may not feel comfortable asking it either (some of these questions might be uncomfortable for some to ask). You might as well ask though. How the car accident lawyer responds will tell you a bit about their experience working on such cases, and it will give you an idea if you should pursue legal damages