Defective Highway Designs That Lead to Accidents

Defective Highway Design: Improper guardrails and barricades

The highways you drive on every day should not be something you fear. The government has a literal army of engineers, and accredited construction workers making sure the designs of the highways keep you safe, and that they do not fail for seemingly no reason whatsoever. It is a sad fact though that for all the foresight that goes into designing, building, and maintaining a highway sometimes things go wrong.

Here are examples of how failures in planning, construction, or maintenance of roadways can lead to injuries or even death. Moreover, what your options are after being injured due to one of these failures.


Failures of Bridges, Overpasses, and Overhead Structures


Defective Highway Design: Failures of Bridges, Overpasses, and Overhead Structures
These failures could take various forms, from the accidental design of an overpass that is too low for state and federal highway regulations, causing vehicles to impact the overpass itself, to inadequate safety measures for vehicles going over a bridge.Simply put, if a failure of the structure caused you injury in any way, there is very possibly liability on the part of another party. Working with an experienced defective highway design lawyer can help you to determine who might be at fault and how you need to made whole and compensated for your physical or mental health injuries.

Improper guardrails and barricades

Defective Highway Design: Improper guardrails and barricades

Is it truly a guardrail when it is the cause of your injuries or in some cases the death of someone involved in an accident? In some cases, a poorly designed guardrail or barricade can be even more dangerous than not having one at all. You would be surprised too how little oversight goes into the installation of some of these.

It does not take a degree in physics to recognize that barricades and guardrails are not something you want to encounter in an unsafe manner (going 70mph for instance). If you have been in an accident where a poorly designed and/or placed guardrail or barricade caused an injury or damage to your property, you should consult with an experienced highway design lawyer to determine your options.


Poorly Maintain or Missing Traffic Signs or Signals

Defective Highway Design: Poorly Maintain or Missing Traffic Signs or Signals
You might remember from driver’s education classes to follow the rules of the road. If you do not injuries or death can result. So what happens when the rules of the road are missing? Meaning, what do you do if you do not know there’s a stop sign at an upcoming highway intersection? This scenario is probably one of the scariest, and most dangerous situations you can encounter on the road – a poorly maintained or even missing traffic sign or signal. Tragically, these all too often end up resulting in injuries and in some cases deaths.

You do have options though. One of the options is to potentially hold the governing agency responsible for road safety as responsible. This option is especially significant in situations where the damages incurred by you and your family exceed the maximum damages that insurance companies will pay.

One of the best things you can do after an accident due to this or any other situation described in this article is to reach out to an experienced car accident attorney as soon as you can.