Car Accidents

Protecting Your Interests After a Crash

Perhaps the other driver was fiddling with a cellphone. Maybe someone had been drinking. One mistake or one error in judgment on the roadways can change your life in an instant. Even after a car crash with relatively minor injuries, you may have mounting medical bills, trouble working while you recover and complicated insurance matters to deal with.

At Monro Law Firm P.S. Inc., you will find Everett car accident lawyers who provide complete and comprehensive legal assistance while you focus on your medical care and returning to your job and your life. We protect the rights of injured clients in Lake Stevens and surrounding areas of Washington.

Helping Ensure Fair Compensation From Insurers

After a car accident, you may seek damages from the at-fault driver for current and future medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. Typically, the at-fault driver’s insurance carrier will work to pay the least amount possible on your claim. You may be at a disadvantage if you are not represented by experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel.

With more than 20 years of experience with large and small personal injury claims, our law firm has the skills and experience to protect your interests after nearly any type of car crash. We are skilled litigators of motor vehicle accident claims such as:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Rollovers 
  • Accidents at intersections, including broadside collisions
  • Accidents caused by drunk drivers
  • Accidents caused by improperly designed roads

You can rely on us to thoroughly investigate your claim and skillfully evaluate your damages. Although we work to settle claims when possible, when an insurer refuses to pay fairly we are willing and able to take your case to trial.

Lake Stevens Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcyclists have the same need for compensation after a crash as drivers of cars, but they face particular challenges. Motorcyclists are more likely to be seriously injured because they are on a smaller vehicle with fewer protections, and they may have a reputation as being less safe drivers. Our lawyers have the experience and ability to deal with these challenging cases.

Our personal injury cases are handled on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay attorneys’ fees unless and until we recover compensation for you. Schedule your free initial consultation today at 360-863-3728, or contact us online.