The Five Most Dangerous Roads in Washington State


Over three million people are injured in traffic accidents each year in the U.S. The primary cause is often negligence, but many motorists suffer an injury caused by road problems or improper detours set up by a construction road crew. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately six million motor vehicle accidents occur every year in the United States. The Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS) reports that nearly 40,000 of these auto accidents involve fatalities.

The five most dangerous roads in the State of Washington include the following:

Interstate 5

This freeway runs all the way from the northern to the southern border of Washington State. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that there were approximately 245 fatal vehicle accidents within the last ten years. According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, over 200,000 vehicles travel along Interstate 5 every day which adds up to 73 million vehicles each year. While the problem areas along this route change daily, the primary cause of these accidents involve construction, road maintenance, and road paving.


Highway 2

U.S. Highway 2 between the city of Everett and Stevens Pass has been called “the Highway of Death” because of the high number of fatal vehicle accidents in the last ten years. Approximately 47 people have died along this 70-mile stretch of highway which is mostly a two-lane road. The Washington Department of Transportation notes that one of their top priorities is to install a passing lane which would alleviate frustration from other drives and reduce the number of crashes each year.

Interstate 82

This roadway links Interstate 90 to Interstate 84 and originates south of the city of Ellensburg. Drivers often use this interstate to commute into Yakima. While this short stretch of highway is less than 40 miles long, it accounts for many devastating vehicle crashes. The most dangerous part of Interstate 82 is between mile marker 26 and mile marker 31. This section has difficult curves that many drivers have trouble negotiating.
Washington State Route 522

This stretch of roadway serves the Seattle metropolitan area connecting it to Bothell, Woodinville, and Monroe from King to Snohomish counties. While highway improvements have been made over the years, a large portion of this dangerous road is just two lanes without any center line dividers. Increased traffic has led to more vehicle crashes each year resulting in over 1300 injuries and 47 deaths. The State of Washington has set aside $10 million dollars to design a new interchange widening the highway in crucial places, but those funds are not due to be released until the year 2025.

State Route 14

The 80-mile segment of this dangerous road has had several fatal collisions in recent years. The Washington State Patrol has designated two particular stretches of State Route 14 as critical target areas due to the high number of vehicle collisions between milepost 0 and milepost 21.52. The installation of a Highway Advisory Radio system and centerline rumble strips have helped to reduce the number of vehicles crashes in the past few years. This is still considered among the State’s most dangerous roads because while the speed limit is 55 miles per hour, many eastbound vehicles sometimes come to a complete stop while waiting to turn left against the approaching traffic.


When to Get Advice From a Legal Professional

When someone is injured in a motor vehicle accident they have the right to pursue damages against those responsible. Victims are entitled to obtain compensation for the cost of medical treatment needed, the amount of wages lost if they were unable to return to work and damages for pain and suffering. The family members of victims who were killed in a motor vehicle may be able to pursue a case for wrongful death. If you or a loved one was the victim of an auto accident, contact us today for help in filing a claim.