What Does a Car Accident Attorney Do? 5 Situations You’ll Need Help With!

Other Parties are Involved in the Car Accident

One of the best questions to ask when someone says, “here’s a list of why you need an attorney,” is, “but what do they actually do?”  You could use an attorney for a ton of things you’re capable of doing yourself, it doesn’t mean that it’s a prudent course of action to hire one. What makes hiring a car accident attorney after a car accident different?  Can you do everything they do, and not hurt yourself too bad?  


Why don’t we try to answer the question: “what do they actually do,” and see if that helps you to understand better why you’d want a car accident attorney to work for you in the first place.   


Help With Insurance Claim Settlements 

One of the first things you’re going to be thinking about after getting into a car accident is dealing with insurance.  Do you call your insurance, do you call the other party’s insurance?  What do you say to an insurance adjuster?  Do you admit fault if you believe you were actually at fault?  You certainly don’t want to end up with the insurance companies involved to pull a fast one on you and deny or reduce your claims just because of an accidental statement on your part.  Or, just as bad, you not knowing what you might rate or deserve because no one ever told you.

A car accident attorney can help you make sure you are compensated for the injuries and damaged or destroyed property of yours as a result of the accident.  It’s not too surprising that insurance companies will often work every angle to make sure they pay out the least amount possible on a claim.  Using “similar materials” instead of OEM material on repairs.  Not compensating you for the lost resale value in your vehicle.  Or even fighting over which medical bills they’re going to cover because they asked about your injuries before they even manifested.

Your car accident attorney will act on your behalf to make sure that insurance companies pay out the correct amount for injuries to you and damage to your property.  Your attorney will work to ensure that you are made whole, or if you can’t be, there’s a financial value placed on that.


Help you to Determine Fault for Injuries and Damages

In a car accident, the idea of fault can be confusing.  People’s memories are often fuzzy because a lot of things happen very quickly!  Add to this, accusations are often thrown around regarding who’s at fault.  And questions are asked about who owes whom for damages and other concerns.

At the very least a car accident attorney can help you take an objective look at the incident.  They can piece together an evidence-based account of what happened and where the fault actually falls.  Before you admit to fault, you should see what the evidence of the scene actually says.  Your memory may be foggy, or you might be overly altruistic.  Either way, you might end up costing yourself a lot more than you think, if you’re not careful and proceed without a good car accident attorney.


File a Bodily Injury Claim

If you do end up having an injury related to your car accident, and you can establish fault on another party.  You’ll want to engage with a car accident & personal injury attorney so that you can get compensated for the loss of function or wages because of that injury.  Likewise, you’ll want to ensure that everyone’s insurance company is covering the fair cost of treatment to make you better, or to assist you in whatever long-term needs you require as a result of the car accident.


Fight on Your Behalf an Insurance Claim Denial or Disputed Claim

It’s very possible that at some point in a car accident’s insurance claim that the insurance companies involved don’t fully compensate you for your loss.  Or they might outright deny your claim of damages or injuries.  There’s a long list of reasons why, and a list just as long regarding why they might be wrong to do so.  If your insurance claim is denied or disputed, you should strongly consider involving a car accident attorney who has experience fighting with insurance companies.


Defend You if You’re Sued by Another Party

Lastly, a car accident attorney can help you in case another party decides to place the blame on you and seek damages.  This is when you really need someone that can help you determine fault!  A car accident attorney will help you to understand your options if you’re sued by another party due to an accident you were involved in.  And if you’re being wrongly accused, they may defend you.